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Add Different Meta Tags to Different Blog Posts in Blogger

Meta tags
Meta tags are very important for the search engine optimization of the blog. Meta tags help search engine crawlers know about the content of the blog, website or post. Two types of Meta tags are generally used by webmasters. First is description tag which makes search engines know what content is about and second is keywords Meta tag which defines the important keywords used in the content.

Now I will tell you how you can efficiently insert Meta tags in blogger.
Describe your blog in max 125 letters. For example I have chosen the following words for describing my blog,

A Blog about Blogger tricks, Google Hacking, Windows Hacking, Internet Hacking, Mobile Hacking, Web Design, Widgets, SEO etc.
  In month of December my Meta tag has been broken

If you are exceeding 125 letters then you will find your Meta tag brake …

You can choose a similar format to describe your blog with most relevant words.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo often default to the Meta description information, or use part of your meta-tag and part of the text they find on the page with relevant keywords when choosing information to display on the SERP (search engine response page).

If your meta-tag is used on a SERP, a human being will read that information when deciding whether to visit your drop shipping website or not.
 In month of February my Meta tag is ruling in Google

Creating a compelling Meta description for each page of your website gives you the most control over what people read about your site in the SERPs.  (Remember to include the same keywords as your meta-tags in your actual web page content; because that makes it far more likely that search engines will display your tag.)  Also, meta-tags occasionally impact your SEO.
My Background work of homepage Meta tag
Adding Different Meta Description tags to every post will make your blog stand unique in the SERPs. There is a trick to add different Meta tags for different blogger posts which you should do manually.

What’s the actual use of adding different Meta description tags to different Blogspot Posts?

Even though Google doesn’t consider the Meta keyword Tags, the description tag is used as a Snippet which will be displayed underneath your title in SERPs. It is very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Actually, this is to tell search engines what our page is all about… but, using same Meta description tags to all of your blog posts reduces the search engine rankings and traffic little bit.

But, adding different unique Meta tags to different Blog posts will make it unique and allow the search engines to know more about your individual blog posts and make them crawl and index your pages better.

Now I will tell you how you can efficiently insert Meta tags in blogger.
How to add Meta tags to blogger home page

Go to Layout > Edit HTML and search for the below code using CTRL+F.

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
Insert the below Meta tags just after the above line.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='A Blog about Blogger Tricks, Google Hacking, Windows Hacking, Internet Hacking, Mobile Hacking, Web Design, Widgets, SEO etc.' name='description'/>
<meta content='Blog, Blogger,Templates, Blogger template, tutorial, widgets, hacks,CSS, tips, tricks,blogger tips  tricks,HTML,Internet,Mobile,Windows,Google,SEO,how to' name='keywords'/>
Replace the highlighted green description with your own which should be relevant to your blog and highlighted green keywords with important keywords of your blog. These Meta tags will only be applicable for your blog home page. If you remove the second line in the above code, then these Meta tags will be applicable for both home page and blog posts but you should not do this because every blog post have different description and keywords. Using same description and keywords for each blog post will result in penalty by search engines. 
My homepage Meta tag
Note: Do not use the same keyword more than three times because you can be penalized by search engines.
How to add Meta tags to each blogger post

In wordpress meta tags are automatically inserted in each blogger posts by using plugins like 'All in one SEO pack' but in blogger there is no such plugin but you can add meta tags manually.
Suppose you want to add Meta tags to the post with the following link.

Insert the below code just after the Meta tags code which i mentioned above.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://tamsuper.blogspot.com/2011/01/label-cloud-widget-for-blogger.html&quot;'>
<meta content='In this post I will show you real dynamic Label cloud widget which will help you to customize your website or blog.' name='description'/>
<meta content='label cloud, blogger label cloud, tag cloud blogger, BlogSpot tag cloud, tag cloud BlogSpot' name='keywords'/> 
<meta content='Nap Star' name='Author'/> 
<meta content='All' name='Robots'/> 

Replace the highlighted green link of the post with your own. Replace description and keywords with the one which is relevant to your post.
Meta Keywords:

Choose words that describe the core topics of your blog. Keywords are high traffic targeted words that define your blog content. Most people use dozens of most competitive keywords but doing this is unnecessary and further effects your search engine listing. Choose few but smart keywords that may reflect the overall content of your blog. Google keyword Tool can immensely help you in choosing the right keywords. The best tip is to use similar keywords as used by your competitors. You can press Ctrl + U to open the source file of your competitor while you are on his blog. Through source file you can easily see what keywords and description your competitor is using.

Write a maximum of three words per keyword and separate each keyword using a comma. See my keywords as an example,

Blog, Blogger,Templates, Blogger template, tutorial, widgets, hacks,CSS, tips, tricks,blogger tips  tricks,HTML,Internet,Mobile,Windows,Google,SEO,how to

Meta Author:

This is not a very important tag but still everyone likes to attach his name to his website so why should you left behind! Simply write your full name and avoid using nicknames or special symbols.

Meta Robot:

Sometimes you don't want search engine robots to crawl and index your blog so you can simply tell the robots that don't crawl the data of the blog using the No follow tag or No index tag.  By default blogger tags all blogs as ALL
My Background work of single post Meta tag

Now look one example in this picture.
 Label cloud widget for blogger post Meta tag
If you have any problem in implementing Meta tags please mention it in comments.


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