Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Make Windows 7 Genuine-illegal Way

Windows 7 Logo
New Operating system Windows 7’s aesthetic look attract every computer lover. Even if you are using windows xp, in my opinion windows 7 is best operating system. It has lot of enhanced features are present which is definitely distinct form windows xp. When windows 7 was in beta I was regularly coming in some blog post where they were claiming use our simple upgrade software which will gives you complete look of windows 7 and you does not require to buy new operating system from Microsoft. But in reality these are nothing but spyware. Nearly after two years of release of windows 7 most people get one pirated copy of windows 7. But they have not a valid key to activate windows 7. If you are in same problem and you want to upgrade your windows experience from windows xp to windows 7 then you reach in the world’s right place. In few minute you will activate your windows 7 without a valid key. Oh!!! May be you are little confuse. Do not worry!!!!!!

Before go to full detail you should be aware of WPA and WGA. Read these two articles and again come back to this post. It is better for you to know the real truth.

Windows 7 can be activated without paying a single dollar in many ways, among all I like to activate windows 7 illegally through below these three software’s help. Their names are:

  • Se7en Activator V3
  • Windows Loader
  • Windows 7 Loader Slic Activation with OEM information
For copyright propose I am not giving any link to download this software. But I am hoping you will use Google to find these softwares.
 Windows 7 Activator v3
Se7en Activator V3
Windows Loader

Windows Loader
Windows 7 Loader Slic Activation with OEM information

Windows 7 Loader Slic Activation with OEM information

For this blog post I want to use windows loader to activate windows 7. Simply follow these quick steps:

Step 1: Double Click windows loader icon.
Double Click windows loader icon
Step 2: You will come to a window where you can set some options. If you are not a computer expert then no problem simply click on install button.
Click Install button
Step 3: Now one notice will come.

“The main window will vanish. Don’t panic as this is normal. The application will run in the background until everything is installed. Don’t turn off your system while the installation in progress.”
Windows Loader notification
Step 4: Within 45 seconds installation will complete. You must restart your computer before the changes will take effect.
Windows Loader installation complete
Step 5: Now press windows Logo key and Pause Break at the same time. Voilà your window 7 is now genuine.
windows 7 activated with genuine logo
Video tutorial for how to make windows 7 genuine – illegal way 

Did this trick help to activate windows 7? Give your comment I want to listen it.
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