Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to use unauthorised SIM on Vodafone Dongle

Vodafone Dongle

Emergency Update (16-04-12)

Recently one of my friend purchased Vodafone dongle for internet access but he was not satisfy. He wants to access internet for unlimited not for just 1 or 2 GB per month. Because he always download YouTube videos and 1 or 2 GB of internet is not sufficient for him. He wants to use Aircel internet on Vodafone. Aircel internet plan is much cheaper and it also gives unlimited internet access. But the problem is how to use Aircel SIM on Vodafone dongle. Vodafone dongle is not allowing using any other SIM on it. Initially he was very disappointed but I told him, my friend there is one solution is present. After listen my voice he came into life. He asked me regularly how to do it. Now I am telling how to do it. 

If you have one Vodafone dongle and you want to use any other SIM on Vodafone dongle then follow these steps: 

Step 1: First insert your Vodafone dongle with (Vodafone SIM in Vodafone dongle) your laptop or desktop and allow it to install its own driver automatically. 

Vodafone Installation start
Step 2: After installation it will automatically search your device as well as your network (Choose your network from there)
Vodafone Mobile Broadband Lite Searching for device
Step 3: Then Vodafone license terms will ask you to agree there license. Accept it then click ok. 
Vodafone End user License Agreement
Step 4: Then it will automatically search for network. You will find after few seconds you have good network and ready to connect. But here do not connect for internet and remove your Vodafone dongle from your laptop or from your desktop. 
Vodafone Mobile Broadband Lite Searching for network
Step 5: Now download JOIN AIR from here. 
Step 6: Install join air on your computer.
Join air is initializing
Step 7: Now your device will try to initialize for connect to internet. 
Divice is initializing

Step 8: Due to device is not connect into laptop or desktop so that it will show you “Device is disconnected”. Now close your join air window for few minutes. 
Divice is disconnected

Step 9: Go to control panel and uninstall Vodafone driver from there.
uninstall vodafone dongle

Step 10: Now you can connect your Vodafone dongle with unauthorised SIM like Aircel and connect it to your laptop or desktop. Replace your Vodafone SIM to your desired SIM. Here I am using Aircel SIM 

Step 11: Now again restart your join air from your desktop.
Join air icon
Step 12: Click on Settings and give the required information on there. 
Device is disconnected
Step 13: Click on connection then add button. 
Go to connection and Click add button
Step 14: Give the config name to Aircel. Change the dial *99***1#. Use the following APN address field writes (for pre-paid connection) or aircelgprs.po (for post-paid connection). Leave the User Name and Password fields empty. Then click on the Save button. Select your profile name and click Apply button. Then one new window will pop up and said to you “Set succeed” click on ok button. Finally click close button. 
Now set the config name, Dial number, APN address
Step 15: At the end click on connect button and your device will connect to internet with great speed. 
click on connect button

Video Tutorial for Vodafone Dongle Hack

I hope now you are starting to use unauthorised SIM on your Vodafone dongle. If you have any problem then drops your comment. If you have any question related to this post then feel free to ask for any assistance if needed. It is highly recommended to share this post with your friends. Use our share button to share this post with your friends. Next time I will come with one fresh article.


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What is the setting for Telenor/ Uninor sim card

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